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Why should I become a member?

Today's medical and technical advances require a more in-depth approach to health care than what can be addressed in a single 10–15 minute appointment. The Functional Medicine approach recognizes the interconnectedness of everything and this requires extended patient visits and time to digest a person’s list of issues and then research that individual’s condition and state of wellness.

Why do you charge a membership fee?

We are committed to the functional medicine model that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms with specific nutritional and lifestyle recommendations and applies the most recent advances in scientific discovery and care delivery. Health insurance companies and Medicare only allow for a limited amount of allowed or covered procedures and medical care that too often relies on drugs and surgery. Most doctors and clinics cope with insurance requirements by keeping their office visits brief A membership fee allows us to be able to provide the most advanced, comprehensive and personalized care and not have either our scope of practice or the time allowed with patients to be reduced or constrained.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We do accept all major health insurances. However the services for Functional Medicine go above and beyond the typical care that insurance reimburses us for. We bill your insurance for the usually allowable charges, and the above and beyond services that are provided during the rest of the visit time are covered by the membership fee. Please check with our team to learn more about what is included in our monthly plan and what is covered by insurance.

Do I need an appopintment?

Patients will have scheduled appointments for regular care, but one of the benefits of membership is same-day sick visits with one of our providers when needed.

Do I need insurance?

No. You do not need insurance to be seen at the Center for Functional Medicine.

Do I need a medical history?

A medical history is helpful, but we also require our patients to complete our intake forms and meet with our team in-person. This allows us to fully explain our approach to your care and helps you to understand how we work.

What should I expect during my first visit?

You will have an in-depth discussion with our team about your health, lifestyle and nutrition habits. We will schedule a time to meet with our nutrition coach and begin to chart a path to a healthier you.

We realize this is a new approach and that you probably have questions. Below are the answers to the most common questions we get. Please call us at (806) 350-7807 for more information.

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