What Is Included?

Month 1

  • What is Functional Medicine - Group Class
  • Getting Started - Group Class
  • Basic Labs*
  • Cooper Quest Fitness Assessment
Your first month as a member at the Center for Functional Medicine is a busy one as we prepare you for your wellness journey, give you the tools you will need to be successful, and gather the information our doctors need to guide you on your path to a healthier you! Two groups classes will help you understand the functional medicine approach and prepare you for the journey that lies ahead. We will also conduct your basic lab work* and complete your Cooper Quest Fitness Assessment to establish a baseline for your current health and fitness and identify any potential problems. *Basic labs are included in your membership and are billed to your insurance as applicable. Comprehensive Cleveland labs are an additional fee. More information is available from our administrative team

Month 2

  • Provider Consultation
  • Fitness Consultation
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Personal Nutrition Plan
In month two of your membership, you will return to the center to have your first visit with a provider. You will receive a detailed consultation to review your lab tests and discuss your health goals and challeneges. You will also meet individually with our functional medicine nutrition and fitness coaches and receive a personalized nutrition plan designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall health.

Months 3 - 5

Once you have received your initial consultations and coaching, it's time to get to work! Over the next three months you will attend six group classes at the center. Each class is designed to help you stay on track and achieve the goals set for you by your provider and coaches. You will meet other people who are on similar journeys to wellness, and you should expect to see improvements in your daily life.

Month 6

  • Basic Labs*
  • Two Group Classes
In your sixth month, you will be scheduled for another round of lab tests in advance of your next visit with your provider, and continue group classes to maintain the momentum you have built up so far.

Month 7

  • Provider Consultation
  • Fitness Consultation
  • Nutrition Consultation
You have now been in our program for half of a year and should be experiencing significant improvements in your overall health and wellness. You will have a follow-up consultation with your provider to evaluate your progress and your most recent lab work. You will once again meet with your fitness and nutrition coaches one-on-one and evaluate your successes in each area.

Months 8 - 12

After your evaluations in month seven, it is time to get back to work. You will continue to attend two group classes each month, learning more advanced information and techniques as your health and wellness continue to improve. The camraderie that you develop with your fellow members will help you stay committed to the program and your success!

Our membership fee allows us to be able to provide the most advanced, comprehensive, and personalized care and not have either our scope of practice or the time allowed with patients to be reduced or constrained. Your membership includes visits with our providers, fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaches, lab testing, and group classes designed to keep you continuously engaged with our team and our process!
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* We bill basic labs testing, provider visits, and some other charges to patient's insurance as applicable to help keep our pricing affordable for all of our members. Some insurance may not cover any or all of these costs. For more information about what your insurance will cover, please speak with a member of our administrative staff.

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