Let's Talk About Calories In and Calories Out

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Food is for energy! (Sometimes it can be for pleasure but hopefully never punishment!) If you eat cake and ice cream one night for fun you can’t just work out really hard and starve yourself all day the next day to “take care of it”. That's not how fat storage and your body works.

Sorry. I know that's the common misunderstanding, but you are NOT a math problem. 

Your body, in it's perfectly (divinely) synchronized biology, is SO much smarter than your mind understands! 

When you deprive your body it will defy the 'calories in vs. calories out' theory and find ways to store up fat (ENERGY) for later use. Your metabolism will simply slow down and your expended calories will not matter based on your now very slow metabolic rate and storage ability. 

Solution: Replenish with nutrient-dense foods that GIVE you energy rather than all this calorie counting ridiculousness. 

~The foods that energize you also increase your metabolic rate, improve your health, and fight against all kinds of health issues including the reason you’re counting those calories in the first place.

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Calories and Weight Loss

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