What is an Elimination Diet?

Updated: Jan 21

And Why on Earth Would I Choose to Follow One??

by Amanda Moss, FNP-C

Reboot will help you prepare your pantry, refrigerator, and mind for an elimination diet.

Elimination Diets go by many names, but in the end, they all remove one or more food groups from your diet for an average of 4-8 weeks. While some claim to induce weight loss because of additional calorie restriction, the basis of elimination is to see how you feel without certain foods.

What about issues like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or heartburn?

Maybe you have a food intolerance or sensitivity that you need help to identify. Completing an elimination diet with the reintroduction of one food group at a time can help to identify triggers for these uncomfortable gut symptoms.

What about anxiety, depression, or other mental illness? Difficulty concentrating, brain fog, or fatigue?

Research shows that our brains receive 10 times more information from our gut than vice versa. That means we should “clean” up your gut to help your brain!

Inflammatory and autoimmune illnesses often get better after identifying and eliminating foods that irritate your system. For example, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis identified she was intolerant to wheat by eliminating it for just a few weeks. She is now off her medication because she avoids wheat in her everyday life.

At the Center for Functional Medicine, we are introducing a Reboot program. This is a modified elimination diet using tools from the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and it’s only 30 days long. Along with our coaches, I will guide you through getting ready for elimination, then meet weekly for a lunch prepared here at the clinic! Through email, a private Facebook group, and texting, I’ll help you keep each other accountable, share recipes, and get through any rough patches.

Our next Reboot class starts on February 11th, with the first class designed to help you prepare your pantry, refrigerator, and mind for what’s to come!

Click here to sign-up for this life-changing class today!

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